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GrexIt: A Knowledge Repository for Google Apps Email

Grexit is a software as a service application built for Google Apps which allows companies to build out a knowledge repository. Email is still the primary means of communication via the web… and a ton of a company’s knowledge is stored in the messages that are being sent and received to vendors, customers and prospects.

Grexit offers the following features:

  • Shared Email Repository – a shared, searchable index of emails that are shared.
  • Shared Labels in Gmail – the app provides simple integration with Google Apps web-based email client.
  • Google Apps IntegrationRegister and integrate directly through Google Apps.
  • Email Fetch Rules – Set up a Fetch Rule for a Gmail label to make GrexIt pull in all email conversations with that label.
  • Access Rules – Fine grained access controls for emails in GrexIt through tags.

Disclosure: GrexIt did supply a custom Affiliate Link to track any signups from this post.

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