Groove: Helpdesk Ticketing for Support Teams


If you're an inbound sales team, customer support team, or even an agency you recognize quickly how prospect and customer requests can get lost in the tidal wave of emails that each person receives online. There has to be a better means of collecting, assigning, and tracking all open requests to your company. That's where help desk software comes into play and helps to ensure your team is focused on their responsiveness and customer service.

Groove Online Support Ticketing System Features

  • Ticketing for Teams – Assign tickets to specific team members or groups. Add private notes that only you and your team can see. Ask questions, make suggestions, or review messages from new team members before they’re sent. See exactly what’s happening in Groove in real-time. You’ll know when tickets are assigned, completed, reopened, or rated.
  • Detailed customer info – No more hunting for old tickets to see what a customer is talking about. Access any customer’s entire support history with a single click.
  • Productivity Tools – Save answers to common questions, and insert them with a click into any message. Create custom labels to organize tickets or tag them for future reference using whatever system works best for you. Use rules to automate the way tickets are handled. For example, assign a ticket to a team member based on who they come from, or flag messages that include the word urgent.
  • Email – Groove's trouble ticket system looks and feels exactly like email to your customers. Your customers will never have to go through yet another login system or reference a ticket number to get help.
  • Social Media – See and respond to Tweets and Facebook wall posts that mention your brand, and easily turn social posts into support tickets.
  • Track phone support – Log detailed notes of phone conversations that can be saved as tickets, so they’ll show up in your customer’s history and you can reference them at any time.
  • Satisfaction Ratings – Let your customers rate your replies and give you feedback.
  • Knowledge Base – Help your online customers help themselves with a knowledge base.

Groove Support Ticket Integrations

  • Widget – Groove's support widget ensures that customers always know how to get in touch, and it can be customized to feel like a seamless part of your site.
  • API – Use our API to pull customer data from your internal CMS, billing app, or any other 3rd party software, and see it in your customer’s profile next to any ticket.
  • Live Chat – Two-step SnapEngage or Olark live chat integrations to keep your chats in Groove and support your customers in real-time.
  • CRM – Link Groove to Highrise, Batchbook, Nimble, Zoho or Capsule and get easy access to in-depth customer information from your CRM, viewable right next to each ticket. If that's not enough, they provide integration with Zapier.
  • Email – MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, and Constant Contact integrations.
  • Slack – integration directly to your team communication platform.

Groove is a pay-as-you-go system where you can add and remove customers from your account, paying $15 per user per month.

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