Expanding your Readership

Whether you're a corporate blogger or just have your own blog, one of growth factors of your blog will depend on your ability to reach new readers who are not aware your blog exists. I do this through a number of techniques… in order of importance they are:

  1. Commenting on other blogs, especially when they are in the same industry. I find them through Google Alerts, Blogsearch on Google, and Technorati.
  2. I publish my RSS feed on as many sites as I can, including other sites and social networks.
  3. I sign up for every Web 2.0 site that I can and I make sure my blog address and RSS feed address are populated somehow in my profile.
  4. I utilize automated notification features for Twitter (although it's frustratingly notifying if I resave a previously published post).
  5. I speak at regional events whenever possible.
  6. I give out my blog's address on business cards to everyone I meet!
  7. I support the blogosphere by putting out free plugins and tools for folks to use.
  8. I also try to slip some links into other sites, like Knol and other Wikis.

Lastly, I volunteer to write guest posts when offered and I never turn down an opportunity to write for a large website when asked, regardless of the compensation!

About a month ago, I was contacted by Talent Zoo to write a monthly column on Social Media and Marketing for their site. A decade ago, Talent Zoo became known as one of the premiere recruitment agencies for companies in the advertising industry. In their words:

As the dot-com became dot-bomb, TalentZoo.com grew. It's now an online database where marketing and communications firms can view over 100,000 resumes from novices to professionals. It's a place where job seekers find job opportunities. And TalentZoo.com keeps up the innovation, like adding more must-read content on industry news, trends, career advice as well as message boards and podcasts to attract more job seekers.

My first article should be published this Wednesday! I'm looking forward to the reception of the article (hint: a new industry/technology that's exploding right now that enables Marketers to leverage and automate). I'm also looking forward to reaching a new audience through Talent Zoo! No doubt some of the readers will wind up back on my blog.


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    Great overview. Thanks for the tips. #3 is quite a time eater, really got to start working on #7. Have to come up with a fresh idea though. Thanks again.

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    I publish in several offline publications, including 8 weekly newspapers around the state. That doesn’t directly affect my blog readership, but it does increase my overall readership (which is more than 30,000 per week).

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