Guubie: The $59 Per Year Email Marketing Platform

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Guubie has launched in beta and may rock the email marketing world with a flat fee of $59 per year, piggybacking on Mandrill’s email API. I’m glad to see some low cost companies enter the fray when it comes to email marketing. On this blog, for instance, we were paying twice as much for our email service than for our premiere hosting.

The Guubie Email Marketing Platform includes:

  • Email Marketing Campaigns – Create email marketing campaigns that actually get delivered to your users. Get people to read your content and engage via email and social networks. Send engaging and eye-catching emails with responsive email templates.
  • High Deliverability – Connect Guubie to your preferred email delivery service, like Mandrill, MailJet, Amazon SES or any other SMTP. For example, if you use Mandrill, you can send up to 12,000 free emails per month.
  • Advanced Reports and Stats – Use their analytics reports and integrate them with Google Analytics for every campaign to provide you all the relevant information you need.
  • Better ROI with A/B Tests – Create unlimited A/B tests to help you figure out the most effective message to deliver to your users.
  • Browser & Mac OSX/Windows App – With a standard browser like Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome, you can access Guubie and all its features, no matter where in the world you are. If you want mobile accessibility, you can also download the Guubie app for Mac OSX or Windows.
  • Triggers based on actions – you can create triggers to automatically send a happy birthday to your subscribers or even a second welcome email two days after a user creates an account. Automate your marketing duties.
  • API for developers and startups – Guubie has a Powerful XML API, which means developers can easily integrate their platforms and services with their Guubie account.

With Guubie, you pay one, low annual fee… $59!

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    59 dollors per year is cheap and if it works well is a steal. Going to have to look into this more but interesting for sure.

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