Happy New Year’s Eve… Maybe

HeadacheThis afternoon I’m looking forward to spending New Year’s Eve with some great friends, Bill and Carla. We’re going to play some Cranium games, watch some videos, and relax while we wait for 2007 to come in quietly and (hopefully) peacefully.

UPDATE: I had written previously about a challenging business relationship I entered with another blogger. At the request of some other readers, I’ll keep this partial post. Thankfully, we’re working through the outstanding issues.


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    I’m glad this is being worked through. I saw the original post, and was very concerned about you. Since I recently mourned the death of my spouse (we were separated but best friends) I can DEFINITELY relate to Holiday Blues.

    Mine has a happy note, too. She loved Christmas, but her health had prevented her from “doing it up right” in the past few years. I take some comfort in knowing she had the best Christmas yet.


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