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Should Brands Take a Stance on Social Issues?

This morning, I unfollowed a brand on Facebook. Over the last year, their updates morphed into political attacks, and I no longer wished to see that negativity in my feed. For several years, I openly shared my political viewpoints. too. I watched as my following was transformed into more people that agreed with me while others who did not agree unfollowed and lost touch with me. I witnessed companies I was courting move away from working with me, while other brands deepened their engagements with me. Knowing this, you may be surprised to know that I’ve shifted my thinking and strategy.


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Leveraging TV to Lift Brands

Pulling in new customers while improving the overall brand image is a persistent challenge for marketers. With a fragmented media landscape and the distractions of multi-screening, it’s difficult to adjust to the desires of consumers with targeted messaging. Marketers confronted with this challenge often turn to the “throw it at the wall to see if it sticks” approach, instead of a more thoughtfully planned strategy. Part of this strategy should still include TV advertising campaigns, which continues to justify itself as a medium that can both sell product and give brand reputations a boost. TV remains relevant even in these