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6 Keys to Customer Service Success Using Social Media

We shared statistics on the growth of customer service using social media, and this infographic takes it a bit further, providing 6 distinct keys for your company to incorporate to ensure success. Lousy customer service can derail your marketing, so its essential for marketers to monitor sentiment and response time via social media. In one JD Power survey of more than 23,000 online consumers, 67% of respondents reported having contacted a company via social media for support. However, being present in social media alone is not enough. To utilise it effectively, a business must be careful on how they listen,


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“Customer First” Must be the Mantra

Harnessing the power of the many sophisticated marketing technologies available is a good move for business, but only if you keep your customer in mind. Business growth relies upon technology, this is an undisputed fact, but more important than any tool or piece of software is the people you are selling to. Getting to know your customer when they’re not someone face-to-face does present problems, but the extensive volume of data to play with means savvy marketers can get a broader picture than ever before. Tracking the right metrics and carrying out the right social media analyses makes recognising genuine


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The Top 5 Customer Service Challenges (And How to Correct Them)

There are still many companies that believe customer service and marketing are separate functions within the organization. Unfortunately, the two departments are often at odds with one another in an organization. Customer service now has a public element that can impact – and even destroy – the reputation of a company, derailing the progress that marketers are making. Despite the digital transformation taking over in the customer service sector, providing a great customer experience remains imperative for business across different industries. Here are the key customer service challenges of today and how you can solve them to provide awesome customer