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What are the Most Effective Influencer Marketing Strategies?

Brian Wallace shared the History, Evolution, and the Future of Influencer Marketing that did a fantastic job of defining the influencer and how brands were interacting with them. I’ve been very outspoken about how brands work with influencers and vice versa and I believe this infographic from MDG Advertising does an exceptional job in detailing what a successful influencer marketing relationship looks like. The infographic, The State of Influencer Marketing: What Every Brand Needs to Know, discusses the most effective tactics and approaches to influencer marketing. Most Effective Influencer Marketing Tactics Ongoing Ambassadorships – currently, I have an ongoing ambassadorship with


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What’s the Impact of a Micro vs. Macro-Influencer Strategies

Influencer marketing lies somewhere in between the word-of-mouth colleague that you trust and the paid advertisement you put on a website. Influencers often have great ability to build awareness but range in their ability to actually influence prospects on a purchase decision. While it’s a more deliberate, engaging strategy to reach your core audience than a banner ad, influencer marketing continues to skyrocket in popularity. However, there’s a conflict on whether your investment in influencer marketing is better spent as a large lump sum to a few superstars – the macro influencer, or whether your investment is better spent on


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Cision Adds Influencer Marketing Measurement To Their Communications Cloud

One important factor you have to keep in mind in the MarTech industry is that most companies are on a continuous improvement cycle to differentiate and grow their business. The platform that you used a few years ago may not even exist anymore. Cision is one of those companies that I’ve honestly not paid as much attention to as I should have. They were definitely a market share leader when it came to public relations, but they’ve since expanded their capabilities in the influencer marketing industry substantially. In fact, they’ve recently announced new features and product enhancements to the Cision Communications


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This is not an Influencer Marketing Strategy, Stop It!

There’s so much noise on social media that it’s sometimes tough to keep up. I love the fact that I have a large following online and I try to engage and respond to everyone who makes a request. When it’s a company that I have previously communicated with, I especially make time and respond accordingly. That said, there’s a nefarious strategy that’s beginning the emerge online that’s eating up my time in direct messages and targeted messages. Companies are publishing personalized requests to me like the one below to get me to respond or share with my audience. I’m not


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How Julius Is Increasing the ROI of Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is the fastest-growing form of online acquisition. There’s a good reason—recent data proves the ROI of influencer marketing campaigns: Eighty-two percent of consumers are likely to follow a recommendation made by an influencer and That’s why the total influencer marketing spend is estimated to increase from $1 billion to $5-10 billion in the next five years. But, to date, executing compelling influencer marketing campaigns has been a laborious, time-consuming process. First, you need to search social media accounts to create a list of influencers who may be a good fit for your brand. Then comes the research to