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Zymplify: Marketing as a Service for Small Business

Rapid development, frameworks, and integrations continue to put platforms on the market that provide a plethora of features at substantially lower costs each year. Zymplify is one of those platforms – a cloud marketing platform that provides all the features necessary for a small business to attract, acquire, and report on leads online. However, it does it for less than most of the other marketing automation platforms on the market. From the site: Zymplify is Marketing as a Service. We transform the way marketing and sales work and integrate them seamlessly with your business. Our team of ZympliGurus are on


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Top 20 Marketing Automation Solutions

Marketing automation is becoming a conversation we’re having with clients more and more each week. Today we discussed Hubspot (used by a customer), Act-On (which we implemented for two of our customers) and Optify with a client and I was just talking to the team last week about their success. It’s important to note that there’s really not one marketing automation solution that’s better than the other. Some of them have some amazing features, but you should pay far more attention to how your internal processes and other applications might work with a marketing automation platform rather than trying to