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SEO: 5 Trends to Optimize for Google Organic Search

A question that I’ve fielded at two events I spoke at regionally was how companies should be dividing their marketing budget for maximum impact. There’s no easy answer to this. It requires that companies fully comprehend the impact of their current marketing dollars, understanding how each channel impacts the other, and still have some funds for testing and innovation on strategies they have not adopted. One focus of every marketing budget, though, should continue to be search engine traffic. Notice that I didn’t say search engine optimization. The term is often affixed to infrastructure, back-end development, and link-building strategies that


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What Ecommerce Business Owners Need To Know About Shopify SEO

You’ve worked hard to craft a Shopify website where you can sell products that speak to consumers. You spent time picking the theme, loading your catalog and descriptions, and building your marketing plan. However, no matter how impressive your site looks or how easy it is to navigate, if your Shopify store isn’t search engine optimized, your chances of organically attracting your target audience is slim. There’s no way around it: good SEO brings more people to your Shopify store. Data compiled by MineWhat found that 81% of consumers research a product before they make a purchase. If your store


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What Are Meta Descriptions? Why Are They Critical to Organic Search Strategies?

Sometimes marketers can’t see the forest for the trees. As search engine optimization has gained so much attention the past few years, I’ve noticed that many marketers focus so much on rank and subsequent traffic, they forget the step that actually occurs in between. The first event that happens when a user searches for a keyword is that they are met with a search engine results page (SERP). That search engine results page lists the search results, utilizing a page title and a description. Most descriptions are taken directly from a page’s meta description tag. If the meta tag doesn’t


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5 Questions to Ask Your Search Engine Optimization Consultant

A client we’ve developed an annual infographic strategy for was in our office this week. Like many businesses, they had gone through the roller coaster of having a bad SEO consultant and now hired a new SEO consulting firm to assist them in fixing the damage. And there was damage. Central to the bad SEO’s strategy was backlinking on a plethora of risky sites. Now the client is contacting each of those sites to remove the links, or disavowing them via Google Search Console. From a business standpoint, this is the worst of situations. The client had to pay both