I’m Testing Twitter’s New Amplification

Twitter is testing a beta advertising program where they amplify your tweets. It’s $99 a month and you select the geography as well as some target categories. I’m still a fan of Twitter and I’m intrigued by this offering, so when I received the email asking me to join the beta I had to say yes. I wanted to share some random thoughts so that I could return to this post and see what the impact was. According to Google Analytics, my traffic from Twitter has trickled to just over 100 visits per month. (It used to be thousands). I


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How to Measure and Improve Your Twitter Marketing Strategy

There’s not too much news on the Twitter front and I have yet to hear back from Jack on my Open Letter to Twitter. That said, I still use Twitter daily, find value amongst the deafening noise, and wish for it to succeed. Can you utilize Twitter to help promote your personal brand, corporate brand, products, or services? Of course! , and of those people, half followed through and shopped at the company’s store or website. Furthermore, your followers can be a powerful force for your bottom line: three out of five followers made a purchase based on something they saw