Heartbeat: Reach Over 150,000 Passionate Female Millennial Consumers


Brands today are spending $36 billion on social channels to engage and acquire new millennial consumers using Influencer-style campaigns with celebrity names. However; engagement and conversions are low because millennial women trust and engage more with friends’ recommendations exclusively when choosing between one product or service and another.

Heartbeat is a platform for millennial women to promote brands within their personal social accounts and communities. Heartbeat recently released its Discover Feed, offering a seamless way for brands to connect with the 150,000 millennial-aged female consumers on its platform. With thousands of opt-ins in just the first week, Heartbeat’s new Discover Feed has quickly become the fastest way for consumers to find brand campaigns where they can apply to be a paid Ambassador and start creating promotional content through their social channels.

Heartbeat Dashboard

Heartbeat Features Include:

  • Turn-Key Campaigns – Reach your objectives faster with Templates and choose from an expanding library of marketing objective focused campaign templates. Our team will make sure everything is set-up to hit your targets. You just sit back and enjoy that La Croix.
  • Built-In Research – Every Template includes the ability to ask questions of your Ambassadors. Never wonder if that color-way is going to go over well with your costumers again!
  • Real-Time Optimization – Heartbeat’s HAAL system (Heartbeat Ambassador Authenticity Logic) autmatically scans and prioritizes users that are creating the most engaged most effective content for your brand. Say goodbye to paying for fake followers to hear your message.

Heartbeat makes social campaign spend more effective by enabling brands to engage directly with consumers through trusted friends. Ambassadors on the Heartbeat platform are paid to create and share authentic content about the brands they love. Heartbeat’s Ambassadors reach 526 million consumers through their campaigns on Instagram, Facebook and SnapChat, which can generate over 100 million likes and over 9 million comments weekly.

Heartbeat is the only consumer network of its size enabling advertisers to create campaigns reaching young female consumers and their close-knit circle of trusted friends at scale through user generated content.

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