Helping Martin Luther King, Jr. through SEO? Geeks strike back!

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Fascinating! Geeks strike back! How? It appears there is a website that is ranked incredibly high for people searching for information on Martin Luther King, Jr.. Rather than simply blast the site, raise attention, and actually draw more visitors to it, through the magic of Search Engine Optimization, we can all simply put a blog entry up that will improve the ratings of truly fantastic sites on the late Martin Luther King, Jr. I’m going to do my part here!

Martin Luther King – Wikipedia
Martin Luther King – the official site of The King Center
Martin Luther King –
Martin Luther King – Nobel Prize
Martin Luther King – Seattle Times
Martin Luther King – Time Magazine
Martin Luther King –
Martin Luther King – Standford

Thanks to Robert Scoble for bringing this to my attention!

How does it work? It improves the authenticity of the links above by putting them all over the net. This drives down the links that are not valid… driving them to the bottom of the ranks. Too cool!

What do you think?

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