Here’s How to Optimize Your Blog for Content Marketing

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No matter what kind of content you’re creating, your blog should be the central hub for all things content marketing. But how do you make sure that central nervous system is set up for success? Luckily, there are some simple tweaks that will amplify distribution and ensure that your followers know exactly what they’re supposed to do next.

It’s safe to say today that people like pictures. In fact, an article with images is over 2x more likely to be shared than an article without. The more visually pleasing your blog post is, the more likely it will be shared. Make sure your most relevant social share buttons are placed prominently at the beginning of each post and you will see 7x more mentions.

In the visual guide below, Column Five and Onboardly share some tips on how to be sure your blog is optimized and ready for visitors, sharing and conversions.  If you want to learn more about the best distribution channels for your content, how to optimize each channel for maximum results,  get media placement and measure ROI — you can download The Ultimate Guide for Content Distribution.




Let us know what else you do to attract readers to your blog below in the comments.


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    Hi, I am  creating a blog in wordpress and this article helps me to optimize it. More than the content the info graphics explains a lot. Now I am clear about how a blog should look. Thanks for the post.

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