Trends in Recruiting Content Marketers

content marketing hiring

We’ve been blessed at our agency with great relationships with content marketing professionals – from editorial teams at enterprise companies, to offshore researchers and bloggers, to freelance thought leadership writers and everyone in between. It took a decade to put together the right resources and takes time to match the right writer to the right opportunity. We’ve thought about hiring a writer several times – but our partners do such an incredible job we’d never match their expertise! And great content writers are in demand right now.

Kapost recently published this infographic, The Route to Recruit: Top Trends in Content Marketing Hiring, some helpful stats that speak to the demand of content marketing talent that’s sweeping the online marketing industry.

The infographic is paired with an incredible whitepaper Kapost has written, Recruit the Dream Team: The Content Marketing Hiring Handbook. Included in the whitepaper are invaluable views from content marketing professionals Ann Handley, Joe Chernov, and Jason Miller. Download a copy!


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