The History of #Hashtags

hashtag history

If you're new to hashtags, check out this Hashtag Guide. Some folks still cringe at actively implementing hashtags since it appears contrived and a bit irregular. I'm actually curious why platforms simply don't hide the symbol and just add the hyperlink so that the text is easier to read. The same way when you type @ or + on Facebook or Google+… the platform hides the symbol but links effectively to the account you're highlighting.

Ever wonder who used the first hashtag? You can thank Chris Messina in 2007 on Twitter!

Hashtags aren't simply a means of tracking and reporting, they're an incredible way of doing research on a given topic as well – or getting a stream of information on a specific topic. We've listed out the best hashtag research tools for you in case you want to take a deeper dive. What are the hashtags for your products, services, and industry? What's your share of voice within those conversations? Are there conversations happening that your sales and marketing department should be jumping into?

And it doesn’t stop there. Hashtags have integrated the lives of every day people, every day. From a student’s Instagram pic to a CMO’s tweets, the use of hashtags have accelerated into mass popularity. In this infographic, Offerpop has compiled some key moments of the hashtag’s lifetime to get a better idea of how this common sign turned into a global icon.


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