Historical Cost of Mobile Phones

mobile phone costs

Everytime I see one of these histories of articles or infographics, I always feel a bit older. Truth be told, having worked in the mobile industry for such a long time, I've owned many of the phones on this list!

When the mobile phone debuted decades ago, it was a device primarily used by police, taxi drivers and truckers, or the wealthiest in business. Today, cell phones are so pervasive that you cannot walk five steps without seeing a person talking or texting. Better yet, the devices have more capabilities and at a fraction of the cost of the phone of yesterday. From the Savings.com Infographic.

While the costs of the phones may have dropped (and that's important because folks that can't afford computers now have a connection to the Internet, to social networks and to each other), I'm not sure the monthly plans have dropped at all in price with the additional cost of texting, data packages and additional fees and taxes!

One thing that's been consistent throughout and continues to grow is the use of Text Messaging. Often dismissed as an older technology, one company recently told me that it was their secret weapon… providing 8x the conversion rates of other mobile and online campaigns!

the shrinking price of mobile

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