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If you've never had the opportunity to, watch the movie Hitch. The movie is a couple years old, but still a fantastic metaphor for marketing. In the movie, Alex Hitchens (Will Smith), educates guys without a chance to find the girl of their dreams. The advice he gives is to try to reduce your glowing faults, pay attention to your date, and do your homework.

The most memorable scene is a speed-dating scene where an argument pursues. Sara (Eva Mendes) is absolutely insulted that Hitch preplans their dates, digging up clues about her and her families' heritage to make the dates more memorable. She's insulted that she's being manipulated, Hitch is amazed because he's just trying to do things that win her over.

At the core of the movie is whether it's sincere or not. It wasn't the coaching, the changes, the planning, etc. that really angered Sarah, it was the idea that Hitch wasn't sincere, wasn't looking for a relationship, and may have just been looking to put another notch in his bedpost.

Marketing is about doing your homework to understand your customer or prospect, then building a relationship on sincerity and trust. Many of us have products and services that are fantastic, but we're unable to ‘attract' folks into trying those products or services. If they only gave us a chance, we know that we could convert them into a customer who loves us.

Perhaps there's some irony in the fact that the Internet has so many dating services and so many marketing consultants. Most of us need help with our Marketing (and getting the girl!).


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    Doug, I’ve seen the movie twice and I’ve applied it to my personal and professional life. It’s gotten me the guy I’ve always said I wanted and an awesome job that can’t be beat. In some ways it’s just a movie, but if you really watch it, it’s more like a philosophy for life. The advice works for getting the guy/girl, moving up in the company and pitching new business or even just getting your first house. For all those situations you want to be your best, do your homework and really pay attention to what’s going on.

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    I agree. I have build two brick and mortar companies on TRUST with my customers. In one of my businesses, we have actually been able to differentiate ourselves in the marketplace by being honest with our computer repair customers! Its a sad day when you are one of the last honest computer repair businesses around!

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      I was in the hardware business for a blink of an eye because I simply couldn’t compete. I could build one heck of a system but was getting my butt whooped by emachines that were 1/3rd the cost. I probably should have stayed in the business but got weary of explaining that you pay for quality – even with computers that all come in a plastic and metal box.

      You’re correct on one thing… there are very few computer repair businesses that can withstand the pressure of the competition. It’s a testament to your company! Congratulations.

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