How to Time Your 2016 Holiday Marketing Campaigns

holiday marketing campaign timing

Did you know that if you send your Christmas-themed campaigns a couple weeks early, the result can be 9% lower open rates? This is just one tidbit of valuable information that MDG Advertising released in its infographic, Holiday Marketing 2016: 5 Must-Know Trends for Brands.

You should take a look at your own open rates of emails from previous holiday marketing campaigns to identify the proper time to send – it will have a significant impact. MDG provided the results of a recent analysis of millions of holiday-themed emails from 2014 and 2015 and found the following:

  • Christmas-themed email campaigns sent December 1-15 resulted in a 6% lower open rate
  • Christmas-themed email campaigns sent December 15-25 resulted in a 3% higher open rate
  • Black Friday Emails sent on Friday receive higher open rates than if they're sent after
  • Cyber Monday Emails sent on Monday receive lower open rates than if they're sent after

Along with timing, having an omnichannel strategy, providing gift card options, and taking advantage of procrastinating buyers, MDG Advertising offers this advice:

Holiday shopping can be stressful and difficult for many people. Some 17% of consumers say the experience is so bad that they actively dread/intensely dislike looking for holiday presents. Why? In part, because there are so many new products and ways to shop that consumers feel overwhelmed. Learn how to help people overcome this challenge.

Here's the full infographic, Holiday Marketing 2016: 5 Must-Know Trends for Brands


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