It’s Holiday Time Again, Here Are 10 Tactics to Maximize Your Results

Holiday Marketing Tactics

I'm sitting in a kiosk in Minneapolis' airport heading back home to Indianapolis. I just finished doing a keynote at ConceptOne that detailed the Agile Marketing Journey and provided attendees with my Marketing Initiative Worksheet. Grab a copy of that as you read this infographic – it should help you out!

Back to the story. I was in Austin at Dell last week presenting to their international teams about podcasting, got home, and left for South Dakota a few days later. I'm nursing a crushed heel so all the walking is wiping me out as well. With everything going on, I landed in South Dakota where the amazing Korena Keys of Key Media Solutions drove us around the Black Hills showing us the incredible sites. Side note – this may be the best United States destination I've ever been to, and I've been all over the country.

As we drove out to the mountains to do some wine tasting, it started snowing. Not a flake here or there… it was really coming down. It was absolutely beautiful… but there was only one problem.

I was so busy packing and planning that I forgot to bring a sweater or coat with me! I'm not sure what I was thinking. Who goes to the mountains in October without even packing a jacket? (Me!)

My point? Time flies, and it's already time for you to begin planning your holiday marketing efforts. This infographic from MDG Advertising is a great resource, 10 Essential Holiday Marketing Tactics for 2017.

Holiday-related sales in the United States are expected to surpass $923 billion in 2017, up 3% from last season. That number may make visions of profit dance in your head, but it also presents a huge challenge: more spend means more competition—and much more marketing messaging for consumers to sort through. MDG Advertising

10 Essential Holiday Marketing Tactics for 2017

  1. Start Early and End Late
  2. Provide Inspiration Across Channels
  3. Focus on Social Media to Reach Younger Consumers
  4. Be Specific About the Holiday
  5. Personalize Your Messaging
  6. Offer More Than Discounts
  7. Make Mobile a Major Focus
  8. Keep an Eye on Amazon
  9. Make Returns Very Easy
  10. Don’t Give Up

Here's the full infographic with some incredible supporting stats and details:

Holiday Marketing Tactics

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      Absolutely, Filip! I think more personalized and specific messaging is proven to gain higher open, click, and conversion rates. And, omni-channel coordination is always a plus. Thanks so much for commenting!

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