Holiday Marketing Tips for Retail and Ecommerce

holiday marketing tips

It’s no surprise that 78% of shoppers will be researching their next purchase online, but what is a surprise how many retailers and ecommerce companies are leaving their online presence out of the equation. One of those missing elements is Pinterest – the leading social network for gift inspiration.

In the last 15 years, 75% of retail growth has been through online sales. While the majority of sales still happens in brick & mortar stores, there’s no doubt how technology is impacting sales growth. From the adoption of technology in-store to online, marrying the two experiences seamlessly is key to driving sales growth.

Lauren Jung of The Shelf has provided these 3 keys to increasing holiday marketing sales:

  1. Start early – People are shopping earlier than ever before. Last year, many brands received less traffic and sales because they only concentrated on the key calendar holidays (Black Friday, Cyber Monday, etc.), as opposed to starting early like those brands who thought ahead of the pack.
  2. Don’t ignore digital – Most brick and mortar stores think they’re good to go because people will just find them, but truth be told…shoppers do their research online before venturing out to make purchases. Whether you’re a brick and mortar or online shop, being found online is crucial.
  3. Influencers – are the wave of the future, and the way to go when planning your holiday marketing. No one looks at banner ads anymore. And more importantly…200 MMMMillion people are using ad blockers. So your hard-earned money is never even seeing the light of day.

Holiday Marketing Tips

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