PERIODS: Maximize Your Home or Landing Page with these 7 Pieces of Content

Home and Landing Page Content

Over the last decade, we’ve really seen visitors on websites behave quite differently. Years ago, we built sites that listed out products, features, and company information… all of which were centered around what companies did.

Now, consumers and businesses alike are landing on home pages and landing pages to research their next purchase. But they’re not seeking a list of your features or services, they’re looking to ensure you understand them and that you’re the right partner to do business with.

For a decade now, I’ve been pushing companies to market their benefits over their features. But now, a balanced home or landing page really needs 7 distinct pieces of content to flourish:

  1. Problem – Define the problem that your prospects have and that you solve for customers (but don’t mention your company… yet).
  2. Evidence – Provide supporting statistics or an industry leader quote that gives comfort that it’s a common issue. Use primary research, secondary research, or a trusted third party.
  3. Resolution – Provide information on the people, processes, and platforms that are helping alleviate the problem. Again, this is not where you interject your company… it’s an opportunity to provide information that the industry practices, or methodologies that you deploy are widely recognized.
  4. Introduction – Introduce your company, product, or service. This is just a succinct statement to open the door.
  5. Overview – Provide an overview of your solution, reiterating how it corrects the defined problem.
  6. Differentiate – Clarify why clients would wish to purchase from you. This could be your innovative solution, your experience, or even your company’s success.
  7. Social Proof – Provide testimonials, awards, certifications, or clients that provide evidence that you do what you say you do. This could also be testimonials (include a photo or logo).

Let’s clarify for a couple of different examples. Perhaps you’re Salesforce and you’re targeting financial services companies:

  • Financial services companies are struggling to build relationships in the digital age.
  • In fact, in a study from PWC, 46% of customers don’t use branches or call centers, up from 27% just four years ago.
  • Financial services companies are having to rely on sophisticated, omni-channel communication strategies to provide value and personalize a relationship with their prospects and customers.
  • Salesforce is the leading Marketing Stack provider to the financial services industry.
  • With seamless integrations between their CRM, and the advanced journey potential and intelligence in the Marketing Cloud, Salesforce is helping financial technology companies bridge the digital divide.
  • Salesforce is recognized by Gartner, Forrester and other analysts as the most popular and widely utilized platform in the industry. They work with the largest and most sophisticated financial organizations like Bank of America, etc., etc.

Internal pages, of course, can go into much deeper detail. You can (and should) augment this content with images, graphics, and video. As well, you should provide a path for each visitor to dig in deeper.

If you provide these 7 pieces of content on every page of your site focused on driving a visitor to action, you will absolutely be successful. This breakdown assists visitors in understanding how you can help them and whether or not you can be trusted. It steps them through their natural decision-making process.

And it includes the content necessary to build trust and reinforce your authority. Trust and authority are always the key barriers to a visitor taking action.

Speaking of action…

Call to Action

Now that you’ve logically walked your visitor through the process, let them know what the next step is. It could be an add to cart if it’s a product, schedule a demo if it’s software, download additional content, watch a video, speak to a representative via chat, or a form to request additional information.

A couple of options may even be useful, enabling those visitors who wish to research to dig deeper or those ready to speak to sales to reach out for assistance.

What do you think?

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