7 Ways that AI is Revolutionizing Email Marketing

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A week or so ago, I shared how Salesforce Einstein was dramatically changing the customer journey, predicting and providing personalized communications that are driving up impact and reducing churn for Salesforce and Marketing Cloud customers.

If you haven't looked at your subscriber list retention lately, you may be surprised at how many subscribers are churning on an ongoing basis. There are plenty of options out there for great products, so consumers aren't sticking around for crappy batch and blast email newsletters anymore. They expect each message in their inbox to be relevant, timely, and valuable… or else they're leaving.

In order to be relevant, timely, and valuable… you have to segment, filter, personalize, and optimize your email delivery. That's impossible without the right toolsets… but thankfully artificial intelligence is accelerating the marketers' ability to develop living, breathing campaigns that continue to optimize themselves with machine learning.

This is going to enable marketers to send messages at a pace their subscribers are comfortable with, with content that's both personalized and engaging.

The AI Revolution in Email Marketing

30% of companies all over the world will be using AI in at least one of the sales processes in 2020. By 2035, AI is expected to drive $14 trillion of additional revenue and a 38% rise in profitability!

The AI Revolution in Email Marketing

In fact, 61% of email marketers claim that AI is the most critical aspect of their coming data strategy. Here are 7 ways that artificial intelligence is impacting email marketing for the better.

  1. Segmentation and Hyperpersonalization – Predictive scoring and audience selection utilizes algorithms to hypothesize the future behavior of subscribers and fine-tune the content to display to them in real-time.
  2. Subject Line Optimization – AI can facilitate the creation of subject lines that are most likely to resonate with the reader, nudging them to open the email. This eliminates the uncertainty of trial and error when it comes to drafting an engaging subject line.
  3. Email Retargeting – While some customers may respond to your abandonment email sent immediately after the abandonment, others may not be ready to make the purchase for a week. AI distinguishes between these customers and helps you send your retargeting emails at an optimal time, significantly reducing the cart abandonment rate
  4. Automated Send Time Optimization (STO) – With the help of AI, brands can finally accomplish the marketing triad – delivering the right message at the right time to the right person. Aren’t too many promotional emails annoying? AI helps to calibrate the send time by analyzing the subscribers’ activities, which depict their time preference.
  5. AI Automation – AI is not just automation. It goes a step ahead to help in sending more relevant automated emails considering the subscriber’s past interactions with the brand and purchases.
  6. Better and Easier Channel Optimization – Analyzing the customer’s habits, preferences, and past and predicted behaviors, AI helps to determine whether they would resonate better with an email, push notification, or any other channel. It then sends the message on the appropriate channel.
  7. Automated Testing – A/B testing, previously a two-dimensional process has now transcended to an omnichannel hyper-targeting model. You can test several variables in different permutations and combinations. Many systems send a sampling out, reach a statistically valid result, and then send the remaining subscribers the optimized copy.

Here's the full infographic with detailed descriptions on each way that AI is revolutionizing email marketing.

Artificial Intelligence and Email Marketing

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