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How Enterprise Brands Staff and Budget for Social

Wildfire and Ad Age recently conducted a survey asking over 500 enterprise marketing managers and executives about their approach to social marketing. They learned what the best and most successful brands are doing to engage audiences, as well as what those that struggle with social are doing.

Social media is no longer an option for business, it’s essential to maintain and protect your brand’s integrity online. From customer service to sales, you can find every industry online – researching their next purchase and spreading the word on their last. Wildfire points out these highlights:

  • 45% of companies with revenue over $1 billion have over 50 employees dedicated to social media.
  • Marketing, PR, and Customer Experience are the top teams with a stake in social, yet social impacts up to 10 teams across the enterprise.
  • 68% of companies expect to increase social spend in the next budgetary cycle, indicating that social’s role in the marketing mix is recognized and prioritized.


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