How Orabrush got into Walmart


In two years, Dr. Bob's Orabrush went from selling out of a garage to selling nationally in every Walmart across the country. Over 2 million of their tongue cleaners have been sold without any traditional advertising.

Key to their strategy was an aggressive marketing campaign that combined all of the most effective aspects of viral and targeted marketing. Orabrush has become a Youtube sensation, with its Cure Bad Breath channel garnering more than 38 million views and 160,000 subscribers, making it the third-most-subscribed sponsor channel, behind only Old Spice and Apple. As far as we are aware, it is the first product to go from nothing to full nationwide distribution just using Youtube.

Here's a breakdown of the incredible marketing strategy:

One ingenious element of the overall strategy was targeting Walmart employees on Facebook with an ad campaign to get Orabrush in their stores. Orabrush does now sell nationally, and they did it without ever having to visit and pitching the product directly with the company!

Update: Be sure to listen to the incredible interview we had with Jeffrey and Austin!

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    What a rags to riches story, so cool. Now that Walmart will be carrying the Orabrush product, Walmart employees who might be expounding the virtues of the product may have to change their tune. The revised FTC Endorsement Guides don’t necessarily make such a detailed call relevant to employees of retailers who carry a product, but it is part of the new reality of using social channels for endorsements.

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