Infographic: How Social Networks Influence Our Lives

How Social Networks Influence Our Lives

Today social media platforms have a key role to play in our lives. Billions of people around the globe use them to communicate, have fun, socialize, access to news, search for a product/ service, shop, etc.

Your age or background is not important. Social networks will affect your daily routine significantly. You can reach out to people with similar interests to yours and build a long-lasting friendship even anonymously. 

You can sympathize with many other people across the world simply by using the same hashtag. Even you may not show your real picture to them, but they’ll interact with your content.

All people from different economic and cultural backgrounds use social networks actively. In reality, it is difficult to imagine a day without social media.

All this was just the effect of social media on individuals. Politicians, governments, traditional media owners, superstars, celebrities, and all influential personalities are also broadcasting their messages using these networks.

Many people trust social media news more than governmental news agencies because they think social users are more authentic.

There is almost no important subject in the world that’s not being discussed in social channels. So online networks and user-generated content are comprising a considerable portion of daily news in the world.

On the other hand, businesses are also utilizing social services to take advantage of this great access to the public. Their top objectives are usually brand awareness, lead generation, driving traffic to webpages, sales growth, and improving customer services.

As a result, marketing through social networks has become the priority of many business owners and marketers. Lots of job opportunities have been created for marketers, content generators, social media managers, graphic designers, etc. during the past decade.

Incidentally, these jobs have suffered less than any other sector during the outbreak of COVID-19. The ability to do social media marketing remotely has encouraged brands to assign remote marketers.

With people using the internet and social networks more than before, new chances have merged for brands to market their products/services.

When searching for a product, 54% of people turn to social media to their research. 49% of customers base their purchases on social media influencers’ recommendations.

Small businesses can particularly use this opportunity to run online campaigns. This would be very efficient and cost-effective for them and increase their followers and strengthen their bottom line.

In sum, the influence of social media on our lives is significant. Therefore, our team in Socialtradia decided to summarize and illustrate the most important data in this regard as an infographic.

No matter you are a common user or a marketer, we recommend you consider this data to know the importance of social networks.

Social Network Influence Infographic

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