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A Guide To Easily Acquire Backlinks And Rank On Google Using AI

Backlinks happen when one site links to another website. It is also referred to as inbound links or incoming links that connect with the external site. If your business receives more backlinks to your website from authority sites, then there would be a more positive impact on your rankings. Backlinks are critical to a search optimization (SEO) strategy.

The do-follow links drive search engine authority… sometimes known as link juice and help in boosting the ranking of the linking site. It helps to rank higher on the search engine result pages (SERP) and the no-follow links don’t. Here how the no-follow link HTML tag seems like:

<a href="" rel="nofollow">Link Text</a> 

This no-follow tag signals the search engines not to count this. Google Webmaster Guidelines on links to assure that your business is gaining high-quality backlinks, not a link scheme. 

The Importance Of Backlinks For A Business

Backlinks are the important ranking factors for search engine Google. Backlink building is a vital part of search engine optimization. In addition, it is the way to drive organic traffic to your website via the search engine. Search engines like Google use the links to crawl the web. With the blend of on-page SEO, high-quality content, excellent user experience, link building will be the most effective for driving more organic traffic.

The quality of links, relevance, and authority of the site the link has acquired is more important in the link-building process. If the business builds high-quality links, it will have long-term success in organic search results. 

  • Build Brand – It will improve your brand visibility online. Good backlinks promote your business, and it shows that you are an authority in the field through relevant links to the content. 
  • Build relationships – While performing link building, your business would be reaching other firms,  influencers, experts in the industry niche.  It will create long-term relationships between both companies that are mutually beneficial. 
  • Referral traffic –  Good links improve the traffic and rank positions in the SERP.  As a result, it will boost your sales.

White Hat SEO versus Black Hat SEO

The link-building process has the right and wrong ways to build links to your website. However, link-building tactics will help for long-term visibility and performance of the site. Your business needs to follow the webmaster guidelines to build quality links. 

White hat SEO is the correct technique for building organic links. The white SEO link building methods could include the following

  • Guest Blogging 
  • Broken Link Building
  • Listicle Link Building
  • Building Infographic submissions
  • Promoting Contents 
  • Roundup Posts
  • Commenting in authority blogs
  • Doing business listings and website directories

Hidden links, Keyword stuffing, Link schemes are Black hat SEO methods. It is an unethical method to rank the website on search engines. It will lead to a penalty. 

How to Identify Spammy Links or Toxic Links 

The spam links or toxic links or bad backlinks, or unnatural links from a spam website.  These spammy backlinks will lower your website rankings. In addition, such toxic backlinks indicate to search engines (Google) that your website doesn’t have the quality or content to get links on its own.

The toxic links lead to Google penalties and affect the website traffic. Links that are considered to be spam backlinks with the following SEO metrics.

  • High spam score
  • One single page has 100+ outbound links 
  • Un indexed domain on the search engine 
  • Low MozRanks
  • Low Domain Authority
  • Low Page authority
  • Less Trust Flow 
  • Low citations flow

The spam backlink is evaluated with the help of Backlinks tools like  Moz, Ahref, Majestic, Semrush, and more. If you are reviewing the backlink manually, you find some common spam backlinks to lookout. 

  • Got any spam links from penalized domain
  • Link from spam link directories and link farms
  • Identify and Control Blog Comment Spams
  • Getting links from a foreign language or irrelevant websites
  • A large number of backlinks from unrelated websites. 
  • Links from over-optimized anchor text
  • Getting links from duplicated content

Artificial Intelligence (AI) IN SEO

Many search engine algorithms, including Google Bert and Rankbrain algorithm AI, have become the core component.  AI became an integral part of people, for example Alexa, Siri, Google Home. Many top companies like Amazon, Google, Apple, Microsoft products work on voice commands or voice search. So AI plays a vital role in search engine optimization.

In addition, Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools play a significant role in data analysis. For example, it helps to find the trending topics to figure out the content gaps, leverage your existing link-building campaigns, etc.

Different AI software is used in various stages of the link-building process. These AI tools help in the data collection process, identifying the relevant keywords, website audit, determining the relevancy of the website content and SEO-friendly design, finding influencers/bloggers, personalized email outreach, and more. 

Guide To Acquire Backlinks And Rank On Google Using AI

  1. Generate Backlinks With Guestographics Method

In the last couple of years, the fanatic content with visual punch works better in SEO. According to an Unbounce study, search for infographics has increased to 800%. Moreover, 65% of the people are visual learners. 

These facts show Infographics are a great marketing tool for business. Infographics are valuable for link building and content marketing for your business. Brain Dean spearheaded the guestographic link-building method. Try, the most popular guestographic link building Method for your business, and they are scalable white hat link building methods. 

The guestographic link-building process includes the five following steps. 

  • Publish a high-quality infographic on your website. 
  • Discover the website that writes about the same topics.
  • Share your infographic with them.
  • Offer unique content to them.
  • Acquire your contextual backlinks.

Your business can utilize BuzzSumo and Ninja Outreach to discover the influencer on your specific niche. Then list the people and perform a personalized outreach. Make your less than 90 words.

Sample Email Outreach

Sample Email Outreach

Once people respond to your first email, offer a free Infographic and provide a short brief introduction with 150- 300 words. Next, inquire whether they are willing to share your infographic on their website if they agree that you can get the contextual backlink for your site. This excellent link-building tactic to build a high-quality backlink from infographics. 

Source: Backlinko

  1. Artificial Intelligence-Based Tool to Discovering Opportunity 

The most crucial aspect of SEO is to find the hidden ranking opportunities. Thanks to the artificial intelligence SEO software that helps to boost your site rankings. AI will power up your insights on the targeted keyword research, topic ideas, Content gaps, Link Building opportunities, crafting content with trends, and more.

Finding opportunities to improve the backlink manually consumes a lot of time and hard work. But with AI tools like BrightEdge,  MarketBrewPave AICan I RankWordLiftDialogflowAlli AISE Ranking, SmartWriter, Acrolinx, etc. It helps your business to uncover opportunities quicker and improves your SEO. In addition, tools like Moz, Majestic, or Ahrefs help to understand your backlink with analytics. So include AI software in your SEO strategy and improve your rankings. 

  1. Get Quality Links From Expert Roundups

Expert round-up articles are an excellent method to produce links to your content. It is also one of the content marketing strategies. In addition, these Round-up posts are a great way to expose your audience to experts in your industry and receive their insights on a specific topic.

Round-up posts are content from the industry experts on a specific topic to share their viewpoints and opinions. The best example for an expert round-up is a Magnificent article on content marketing.

You can use the following method to find the link to round-up websites. 

round up keywords

Your business can utilize tools like Ninja Outreach to speed up discovering the influencers on a particular niche and reaching out to them with personalized emails. As per Brian’s Skyscraper Technique, sending personalized outreach emails helps to get quality backlinks. 

Smartwriter AI helps send Hyper personalization/ personalized icebreakers emails. The AI in the software will provide the real-time data or information of every lead. So you can offer a unique pitch with the experts that improve your success rate. Expert round-ups have certain long-term benefits in website traffic, Gaining authoritativeness, and peer recognition.

smartwriter ai

  1. Broken Link Building Strategy

The broken link building is also known as dead link building. Building backlinks replacing links to 404 pages with a working link to a target website is the practice of building backlinks. You can use the ahrefs broken link checker to find the broken links on a website.

broken link building strategy

In other words, it is finding the authoritative website with a broken link pointing to the 404 error page and providing the alternate piece of content or article. It is the most effective method for building solid links. It is a win-win for both the webmaster and your business. The webmaster can fix their broken links by replacing them with excellent links from your website. 

SmartWriter helps you to make an ultra-personalized email outreach for the broken link-building tactic. As a result, your business can acquire 2x more backlinks with ultra personalisation by using AI software. The SmartWriter backlink personalization comprises three features.  

smartwriter backlink personalization

In the Ask To Replace Competitor Link feature, the tool requests you to fill the following field. Once you complete them with a single click of a button, you can generate hyper-personalized emails for outreach with SkyScrapper Technique (This Notifies the receiver about the key points and explains why yours is better than the competitor link.)

  • Smartwriter AI - Ask to Add Your Link
  • Smartwriter AI Backlink Request Personalization

  1. Earn Quality Backlinks With Definitive Guide Articles 

Definitive guides are often known as the skyscraper technique. Using the Skyscraper Technique is the best way to build content and develop backlinks from authority sites.  Search engines rank better if your website has better quality content. Thanks to RankBrain, Google E-A-T , Hummingbird algorithms. 

Here are the key three steps for the skyscraper technique:

  • Step 1: Discovering the Link worthy content 
  • Step 2: Making the original content even better 
  • Step 3: Reaching out to the right individuals to promote links and share

Utilize AI software to assist the content creation process. Today, nearly billions of blogs content on the internet, and almost a million new content is added every day. As a result, over 3.5 billion search queries are made every day on google search.

smartwriter backlink campaign options

Delivering unique and high-quality content is very important for a business, AI tools like BuzzSumo help your business find the most trending topics. Similarly, use AI tools like SmartWriter, Frase, Grammarly to optimize the content automatically.

For example, Frase is an AI-based tool that helps your content optimize automatically for voice search. The Grammarly software detects typo errors, Plagiarism and ensures the Uniqueness of the content. SmartWriter AI helps you to create Unique Blog Title, Blog Intro (Best engaging intro for your audience), Blog Outline (Works best for your “listicles” or “how to” content piece), Blog Extend Topic, etc. AI technologies can assist you in creating better SEO contents.

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