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How to Build Your Brand Online

We tend to get into the weeds sometimes as we’re blogging about specific marketing technologies are techniques. There are still a ton of companies out there that have not built out an adequate web presence to begin acquiring leads or conversions online. This is a solid infographic on how to build your brand online.

Today, businesses must establish a powerful presence online in order to attract customers near and far. A website creates personal connections with customers by establishing loyalty through brand awareness. Websites allow businesses to put all of their information in one place, making it easy for customers to stay in touch with your products or services. From the infographic How to Build Your Brand Online

Key to the infographic is the discussion of the word brand. The word evolved from ranchers branding their cattle, but has evolved well beyond a name, logo or slogan as we look at brands online. Now a brand symbolizes the online persona that a company has developed, encompassing its authority, trustworthiness, and personality. Everything a company engages in online adds to that persona, and must be maintained and managed.

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