How to choose an SMS/Text Messaging vendor

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Mobile Marketing is fast becoming an integral component of many marketing budgets.  Most mobile marketing comes in one of three flavors:

  • Mobile Web
  • Mobile Applications
  • SMS/Text Messaging

Mobile Web and Mobile Applications are generally interactive and have graphic components.  The drawback to both of these is that they are costly to implement and maintain.  Because of this many companies begin their mobile marketing efforts with SMS, which has caused an explosion in the number of SMS vendors.  Some of these vendors are great others not so much and some are just …  So what constitutes a good SMS vendor?  How do I choose an SMS/Text Messaging vendor?

There are three important points to consider when choosing an SMS Vendor:

  • Does the vendor deliver messages via shortcode or using sms to email gateways? Any SMS Text messaging vendor worth working with should use a shortcode.  The use of email to sms gateways for mobile marketing violates the carriers terms of service and is generally unreliable.
  • Does the vendor have Mobile Marketing Experts on staff These are experts that are not only knowledgeable in the technical requirements of the Mobile Marketing Association guidelines but are also great at helping you deliver content that is appropriate to the medium.  Mobile marketing is a unique channel because of it’s extremely personal nature and the message should be created with this in mind.
  • What do the vendors’ customers say about their customer service? – Happy customers are a sign of a good vendor, seems obvious right?

Mobile Marketing is maturing into a robust industry but it is still young and there are many players in the game.  Make sure that you do you homework when deciding on a mobile partner.

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