How to Cut Your Blog Traffic in Half

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I don't surmise anyone would actually wish to cut their traffic in half on their blog. However, it's pretty standard with my statistics and puts quite a bit of pressure on my to blog every day.

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If I continue to blog on a consistent basis, my traffic grows – perhaps about 100 new visitors a day each month. However, if I don't blog for a single day, my traffic drops by half. This last week, I've been so busy that my daily links have been the majority of my content – even compelling a good friend of mine to complain.

I'm not blogging because of a lack of content, so I just need to get myself back into a good rhythm. I have tons of information to share on the growing advancement in online marketing technology – I need to get more disciplined in my publishing deadlines. Stick around, I'm back on the rise!


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    I love the transparency here. I wonder how it would be if stats were displayed on the page all the time.

    I think that would work only on product pages and review sites compared to a personal blog. I follow people because of their ideas not their stats. But it would be interesting to see if the top traffic guys are the top idea guys.

    Good luck getting into a rhythm. I really struggle with it.


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    Nice weekend dropoff there. What happened to the days when people surfed and read important marketing blog posts 24/7! I’d be interested to see if that trending was consistent for the past several months.

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