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How To Launch A Successful Email Signature Marketing (ESM) Campaign

If you’re working for a company with more than one employee, there’s an opportunity for your company to utilize email signatures to manage and drive awareness, acquisition, upsell, and retention initiatives but doing it in a manner that’s not intrusive. Your employees are writing and sending countless emails every single day to hundreds, if not thousands, of recipients. The real estate in every 1:1 email that leaves your email server is an incredible opportunity that’s seldom taken advantage of.

Each email that an employee sends has the opportunity to be properly branded with a great signature, as well as provide a call-to-action to drive awareness of rewards, products, services, etc. that your prospects or customers may be unaware of. The solution is to centralize and develop a strategy around deploying email signatures across your company.

What is Email Signature Marketing (ESM)?

Email Signature Marketing (ESM) is the practice of using your email signature for marketing purposes such as increasing brand awareness and improving the CTR of your business outreach and marketing emails.

How to Run a Successful Email Signature Marketing Campaign

Office Integration Is A Necessity

Email signatures are typically controlled by employees locally and typical business platforms like Google or Microsoft Office don’t have the ability to centrally manage the format of each individual’s email. Whenever a gap like this exists, thankfully innovative strategies have entered the market – one leader is Newoldstamp. Newoldstamp is a centralized platform to manage employees’ signatures and help your team to improve communication with prospects and customers.

Newoldstamp is a fully automated solution that does not require any actions from your employees. Push all changes from our dashboard directly to their email client settings. Automatically sync data from Active Directory or Google Workspace (Formerly G Suite) Directory to create signatures based on one template.

Benefits of Email Signature Marketing

The benefits of email signature marketing are that organizations can:

  • Streamline brand-consistent email signatures across entire company employees that follow your guidelines.
  • Increase marketing and sales conversions through your business email communication and running email signature banner campaigns.
  • Manage all email signatures from one dashboard. Quick and easy email signature set up.
  • Integrate your signature seamlessly with major email clients and mobile devices, Google Workspace (Formerly G Suite), Exchange, Microsoft 365.

There’s no doubt of ESM effectiveness. The return on investment of ESM is huge – Newoldstamp has seen up to a 34,000% return on investment in their platform. These platforms can be used to even segment the communication based on your employees’ responsibilities and accurately track the response of those campaigns.

How To Launch A Successful Email Signature Marketing Campaign

The team at Newoldstamp developed this step-by-step infographic that walks you through 7 steps to launch a successful email signature campaign.

  1. Find a place for email signatures in your marketing strategy
  2. Segment your audience
  3. Define email signature marketing campaign goals
  4. Develop email signatures design with the brand in mind
  5. Schedule your campaigns
  6. Track your email signature marketing campaigns
  7. Optimize campaigns according to this data

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email signature marketing campaign infographic

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