Here’s How You Generate More Leads with Social Media

social media leads

I was just meeting with a business owner and describing the amazing way that social media has not only driven business to my company, but to our clients as well. There seems to be an ongoing pessimism as it stands with social media and it’s impact on lead generation and I believe it needs to be corrected. Most of the issues with social media and lead generation have nothing to do with the actual results, but have to do mostly with how leads are attributed to each source – including social media. Companies don’t accurately measure the return on investment of social media (often through no fault of their own).

One of the big misconceptions about social media sites is that they don’t drive quality visitors. Compared to outbound marketing, social media has a 100% higher lead-to-close rate. How do you generate leads from the social web? In order to show you the steps you need to take, Neil Patel has decided to create an infographic that will break down the whole process.

Neil promotes a social media lead generation strategy that produces more leads generated by utilizing the following best practices:

  • Utilize multiple social media channels.
  • Develop a long-term plan for each social media channel.
  • Do demographic and keyword research.
  • Create consistent content that proves your expertise.
  • Engage with others and foster connections.
  • Cross promote your channels between mediums.
  • Track your results.
  • Optimize your content for search engines.

My last bit of advice is to provide your social network with a path to conversion – providing resources for registration, email subscriptions for push notifications, demonstrations, downloads and other items of value that will engage your social media network and drive them through to conversions, renewals, or even developing them into a community that promotes you into their networks.