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How To Get Your Business Google Guaranteed Badge for Your Home Service Company’s Local Ads

As a local service provider, you’re always looking for ways to stand out from your competitors and attract more customers. One way to do this is by earning the Google Guaranteed badge, a program offered by Google Local Ads that can help increase your visibility and credibility with potential customers.

Local service ads with the Google Guaranteed badge appear at the top of search results, above organic listings and other paid ads. This means that businesses with the badge have a higher placement in search results compared to businesses that don’t have the badge. This can give businesses with the Google Guaranteed badge a competitive advantage and help them stand out from other local service providers.

Home service companies that provide the following services are eligible: appliance repair services, carpenters, countertop services, drain experts, electricians, fencing services, flooring services, foundations services, garage door services, general contractors, handymen, home inspectors, home security, home theater, house cleaning services, HVAC (heating or air conditioning), landscaping services, locksmiths, painters, pest control services, plumbers, pool cleaner, pool contractor, roofers, sewage system, siding services, window cleaning services, and window repair services.

If your business is in California or Florida, additional businesses are also eligible: architect, auto body shop, auto repair shop, car wash and detailing, home insulation, interior designer, solar energy contractor, and storage.

Check Your Availability

To earn the badge, businesses must meet certain requirements, such as being licensed and insured, passing a screening process, and maintaining a rating of 3 stars or higher. In addition, all employees who perform services must undergo background checks to ensure they meet Google’s standards for safety and quality.

Google Guaranteed Badge Benefits

Earning the Google Guaranteed badge can benefit your business in several ways. Here are a few key benefits:

  1. Increased ad visibility and credibility with potential customers: When your business displays the Google Guaranteed badge, potential customers are more likely to trust and choose your business over competitors who don’t have the badge. This can help you attract more leads and convert them into paying customers.
  2. Higher ad placement in search results: Local Services Ads with the Google Guaranteed badge appear at the top of search results, above organic listings and other paid ads. This can give your business a competitive advantage and help you stand out from other local service providers.
  3. A money-back guarantee for customers: One of the unique features of the Google Guaranteed program is that it offers a money-back guarantee for customers who are not satisfied with your services, up to a certain amount (currently a $2,000 lifetime limit in the United States). This can give potential customers peace of mind and increase their confidence in your business.

How To Get A Google Guaranteed Badge

If your business meets the requirements for the Google Guaranteed badge and is in one of the eligible categories, you can apply for the program by creating a Google Local Services Ads account and completing the onboarding process. You’ll need to provide documentation such as proof of license and insurance, and all employees who perform services will need to undergo background checks.

The process is pretty simple:

  1. Select your business categories.
  2. Submit proof of your identity, your company’s existence, and your proof of insurance.
  3. Collect and maintain customer reviews with a rating of 3 stars or higher.
  4. Set your Local Service Ad budget.
  5. Provide billing information and launch your local PPC campaigns.
google guaranteed local ads

Once your application is approved, you can set up your ad campaign and start using the Google Guaranteed badge in your ads. Remember that you’ll need to maintain a rating of 3 stars or higher and continue meeting the program’s requirements to keep the badge.

We’ve seen a significant improvement in impressions and click-through rates (CTR) for our Indianapolis roofing contractor whose ad campaigns we manage. I would add that it’s not uncommon to see that every competitor already has one. If you’re not Google Guaranteed… I assure you that you’re losing business and wasting your ad budget!

Important Tip: Keeping your Google Guaranteed badge requires an active insurance certificate on file with Google. If your certificate expires, they remove the guarantee without alerting you and you have to go through the registration process again.

Get Your Google Guaranteed Badge

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