How to Join the Google +1 Experiment

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Google is hoping to leverage the search results page and incorporate the ability to share and vote for pages following in the footsteps of the Twitter Retweet and the Facebook Like with their new experiment, +1:

Joining the program is a manual step, you’ll need to login to Google and go to Google Labs Experimental page and join the +1 Experiment.

You’ll also need to return to your profile and opt-in to +1.

Next, search for a site you love (like this one!) and then click the +1 button on the search result.
google plus 1 result s

Now, when you view your profile page, you’ll also view a list of the sites that you’ve clicked on the +1 button for (strangely, this doesn’t appear to be visible to other people).
douglas karr profile plus 1

I’m interested to see where this experiment leads. Google is lacking a central social media site or repository like Facebook or Twitter. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, though, if they are able to integrate Google into every site through other Google tools… allowing every site to manage its own network.

I’m also looking forward to seeing if Buzz and +1 will be merged and folks will be able to use +1 buttons on their own independent sites. We’ll see… for now, join the experiment and click some +1’s!


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