Displaying a Trail in a Google Map with KML

indy cultural trail

This is sort of Part 2 on displaying trails (line segments) in a Map.

Last year I assisted the Indianapolis Cultural Trail by mapping out the incredible cultural bike and walkways that are being constructed in Indianapolis using Google Earth. Part 1 was how to utilize Google Earth to plot your trails and export them to a KML file.

Tonight, I finally sent off a map that had been residing in my test directory over to Ian to push up to the Indy Cultural Trail site. This will allow visitors to zoom in, change to a satellite view, and interact with the map much more than a static image.

Indy Cultural Trail Map

Added to my urgency at getting this completed that I spoke with Gail Swanstrom and Brian Payne (President, Central Indiana Community Foundation) on Saturday after the Bill McKibben event. Gail and Brian are both incredible folks – kind, full of energy, and oh so patient. I couldn’t let them down.

One project down! A few more to go! When the map is posted, I’ll update this post with a link.


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    Great post. I’m working on some kind of “best road finder” service integrated with a store/restaurant/etc locator just to help find drivers the best way and the best stops along that way. It’ll be of course based on the Google Maps, so this post is like Great Gift of Knowledge for me 🙂 Right on time 🙂

    Good work. Thanks.
    Good luck.

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