How to Market Your Mobile App

promoting your mobile app

We recently shared the high cost and failure rate for enterprise mobile applications, but the benefits of a good mobile app are simply too great to ignore. Alongside planning being a critical factor, the experience of the mobile development team and the promotion of the app are both critical.

Your app can rise to the top of everyone’s search to dominate the mobile market. Implement the suggestions within the infographic of Guide to Promote Your Mobile App to realize your app’s success.

Mofluid develops the most popular Magento Mobile App extension and put together this advice on marketing your mobile application. Before you ever even begin designing and developing your mobile app, there’s a lot of work that needs done to ensure it’s marketing success:

  • Before Mobile App Launch – choose a great name, identify your competitors, set your category, create an amazing logo, take great screenshots, write a good title, description and keywords, and build a great landing page
  • After Mobile App Launch – push for as many downloads as you can in the immediate days after launch, sign up and track your app’s performance using mobile app store analytics, get featured on review sites, and encourage users to share on social media and review your app.

I’d also add to promote your application everywhere you can – from your website to your email signatures!


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