Monetizer: Monetize your Remnant, Geo-redirect or Exit Traffic


Believe it or not, every visitor to your site is not a prospect. If you’ve monetized your site with third-party ads, those advertisement platforms need conversion rates to be healthy and display ads to the relevant visitors. The number of impressions and locations on your site are known as your ad inventory.

What is Remnant Traffic?

Since purchased ads are targeted, what about the left over visitors that are not targeted? That traffic is known as remnant traffic. Remnant traffic is a problem for online publishers because it’s traffic that they are typically unable to monetize.

In today’s online advertising market, many publishers, advertisers, and ad networks are not fully utilizing the mobile and web traffic they process on a daily basis. Additionally, visitors from un-targeted countries may go completely to waste and opportunities to monetize traffic leaving advertiser pages are not often realized.

As it can become quite difficult to cover every segment and address every angle when attempting to monetize un-targeted, exit, or remnant traffic, Monetizer is an automated, programmatic solution best addresses the issue.

Monetizer enables publishers to produce exclusive, highly optimized campaigns in order to monetize traffic in more than 150 countries. The system utilizes one Global Smart Link. Their proprietary machine learning vAuto algorithm takes into account visitors’ location, operating system, and carrier – along with many other factors – in order to produce extraordinary eCPCs (enhanced cost-per-click) for our partners.

Our platform continues to produce exceptional results, with many partners producing thousands of dollars in revenue each day from traffic that may have otherwise gone unmonetized. As we remain focused on the technology behind the platform, optimization of campaigns, and new relationships with advertisers, we are excited to see what the future holds for Monetizer and our partners! Max Tetrault, Managing Partner, Monetizer

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Monetizer  is currently monetizing ~120 million clicks/day and ~3 billion clicks/month from 150+ countries. They’re able to monetize both mobile and web (both mainstream and adult traffic). Their Global Smart Link is flexible, including SEO-friendly options. The Monetizer partner interface offers real-time statistics and reporting, with weekly payouts of generated revenue to partners.

I was shocked when we first launched Monetizer. The technology is amazing, as it monetizes traffic we have really struggled with in the past. Bert Xia, Business Development Manager, YeahMobi

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Disclaimer: Monetizer is currently running advertising campaigns on our site (that’s how I noticed them!)

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