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What is Your Business Name?

Want to hear a branding horror story? Your company plans its launch and invests $150,000 in the domain, the name, and the launch… only to have it all fall apart when you learn that the FBI has an investigation of the same name that goes public… 3VE.


It’s not that [Agency currently with no name] could have done anything to predict that kind of issue. I am genuinely surprised, though, at the number of companies that don’t do a lot of due diligence in naming themselves. I’ve known a couple of businesses that spent a ton of money with branding agencies, only to find that their name had synonymous meanings internationally, or even within another industry.

One company I worked with hired me for organic search assistance. The immediate problem I had was that their brand was synonymous with a pre-existing online store in another industry. As a result, there was immediate confusion that people couldn’t find them online… even when typing their business name in search results.

Another company I assisted could have done a simple search of Google to find that their name was very close to that of an inappropriate site. They still bring on new prospects that aren’t that happy that their employees have typed in the wrong URL.

Squadhelp is a marketplace where you can get help naming your business, finding the available domain name, and even get help developing your logo. They’ve written a great ebook that pulls you through 8 steps for naming your business:

  1. What’s your business’ purpose?
  2. Who’s the audience that your business will be serving?
  3. What’s unique about your business? What’s your personality?
  4. Get help from other creatives (that’s their job) to brainstorm a name.
  5. Throw out the names that don’t make sense.
  6. Do linguistics analysis to ensure your name isn’t confusing or inappropriate in other languages.
  7. Avoid getting sued for trademark issues.
  8. Validate it before you go live!

Download the eBook

Squadhelp has a community of creatives that help you come up with unique business names. The process is fairly straightforward:

  1. Start Your Contest – Complete their fast, easy project brief template, and they’ll share it with our community of more than 70,000 Creatives.
  2. Ideas Start Pouring In – You will start receiving name ideas – created specifically for you – within minutes. Dozens of contestants work for you at the same time! A typical naming contest receives several hundred name ideas. All ideas are automatically checked for URL availability.
  3. Collaborate and Communicate – See all your submissions from your contest dashboard. Rate entries, leave private comments, and send public messages, leading the process towards the perfect name.
  4. Validate – Choose your name with confidence. Our unique validation process includes domain checks, trademark risk assessment, linguistics analysis, and professional audience testing.
  5. Pick your winner! – Once your contest ends, announce the winner – and register the name. You can even return to Squadhelp to launch a Logo Design or Tagline project for your name.

Launch a Naming Contest Check Out Their Marketplace

Disclosure: I’m using our affiliate links for Squadhelp in this post.

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