How to Record a Podcast Interview on Skype

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We've now had two of our Expert Interview series on our Podcast and it's gone incredibly well. We already have Edge of the Web Radio which is a success and done in partnership with our partners at Site Strategics. At times, though, we wanted to take a really deep dive with an expert while EdgeTalk focuses on a topic.

With experts all over the country, it's almost impossible to balance everyone's schedule to get in the studio for an interview, though! We decided the best way to do this was to make it a side project and use Skype and Garageband to pull it all together. We enlisted the help of the pioneer Brad Shoemaker from Creative Zombie Studios to build our ads, intros and outro. Brad even used my best friend's band, Join the Dead, in the background music!

We then tested a bunch of call recording methods and really found that recording a Skype call was the easiest method. We found Call Recorder for Skype from Ecamm was spot on for a one-time fee of $29.95! The recorder pops up and starts automatically with every call – recording both video and audio. So – if you wanted, you could do video interviews this way as well!

We've also tested a ton of microphones and the easiest and most effective setup we've found is simply using the Logitech ClearChat Comfort/USB Headset. It seems whenever I have the audio coming out of the display speakers, it really messes up the recording so I just use a headset.

The next step is to pull the recording into Garageband. I simply drag the file into a track and then find all the audio that I want to remove by splitting the track up and deleting the unnecessary sounds. I then import our audio intro, advertisements, and outro. I split the tracks where I want the ads to go and drag each of the sounds in each track to properly overlay with one another.

GarageBand Podcast Mixing

Because of the wide subscriber base we've built on BlogTalkRadio, we host and promote our podcast there and distribute it via iTunes, Stitcher, and a number of other places. BlogTalkRadio has its own studio but it's a real-time, live recorder with no way to fix issues with audio. We've ruined many a podcast trying to do them live!

Here are the results:

Drew Burns Interview

Scott Brinker Interview

One note on this – every time I seem to get good at this in GarageBand, they change the Interface and methods. Drives me nuts!

This is good enough for now. Brad and I are looking to the future where we can actually bring some equipment on site and at events – and Brad could mix the audio and ensure proper levels remotely from his studio. It's going to be a bit of an investment, but will basically provide us a portable studio we can use anywhere – from our office or from some conference center. As long as we have bandwidth, we'll be able to put together a professional podcast.

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