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How to Sell Your Domain Names

If you’re like me, you continue to pay those domain name registration fees every month but wonder if you’re ever going to use it or if anyone is going to contact you to buy it. There’s a couple problems with that, of course. First, no… you’re not going to use it. Stop kidding yourself, it’s just costing you a bunch of money every year with no return on investment whatsoever.  Second, no one knows you’re actually selling it – so how are you going to get offers?

A decade ago, the process was to do a whois lookup of the domain, identify who owns it, then begin the dance of offers and counter-offers. Once you agreed upon the price, then you had to start an escrow account. That’s a third party that holds onto the money to ensure that the domain is properly transferred. At which point, the escrow account releases the cash to the seller.

It’s a lot easier now. Using a service like DomainAgents, you can list all of your domains on their service. They do take a healthy chunk of the sale, but they integrate a searchable marketplace, a custom landing page, and the escrow account all under one platform. This makes it easy to get your domain found and sold.

What are you waiting for? Add all those unused (and even the used ones) now:

Find or Sell Your Domain Name

How Do You Set Your Domain’s Asking Price?

I’ve been doing this for quite a while and that’s a difficult question. A seller might see that it’s a company or wealthy buyer that’s buying and negotiate a huge buying price. Or a seller may be naive and let a great domain name go for barely anything. We’ve bought and sold a ton of domain names and it’s always a stressful situation. There are some simple rules like short domains that don’t have dashes or numbers often do fantastic. Longer domain names with misspelled words don’t do as well.

The TLD .com is still worth more since it’s the first attempt within a search or browser to find a site. If the domain actually had content and drove search results (without being a destination of malware or pornography), it may even be worth something to a company trying to drive additional organic traffic or authority to their brand.

Our rule of thumb is honesty in our negotiations.I would always recommend that the buyer make the first bid to provide the seller with an immediate reaction on whether the transaction will be worthwhile. As a buyer, we may disclose that we’re buying on behalf of a third party because they wish to provide a fair price without paying too much. We also let the seller know that we wish to pay what the domain is worth without ripping the seller off. At the end of the negotiation, both parties are often happy.

Custom Landing Page

Bakc to DomainAgents.  By updating my DNS for my domain name, DomainAgents puts a great landing page to make the domain easy to purchase. Here’s a great example, check out one of my domains –

Here are the other domains we put up for sale, some are a nice and short, some are quite popular (and the minimum bids are significant).

Disclosure: We’re using our affiliate links for DomainAgents throughout this post.

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