How to Track Leads from Marketing to Sales

tracking leads from marketing to sales

We continue to write about marketing attribution since it’s such a challenge for marketers. These findings from TechnologyAdvice’s new infographic, How to Track Leads from Marketing to Sales support that this continues to be an issue.

Some Key Statistics on Campaign Tracking

  • 75% of marketers have trouble calculating ROI because they don’t know the end results of their campaigns
  • 73% of B2B marketers say measurable results are the biggest benefit of marketing automation
  • 68% of marketers cite lead scoring based on engagement as most responsible for revenue contribution
  • Marketers see an average 20% in sales opportunities from nurtured leads

The infographic walks through an overview of the best practices for ensuring leads are tracked from marketing to sales, on through to a conversion.

[box type=”download” align=”aligncenter” class=”” width=”90%”]TechnologyAdvice are also providing an ebook providing additional information on generating more leads and revenue through your pipeline, How to Track Leads from Marketing to Sales[/box]

Key to campaign tracking success are creating a closed-loop system (marketing automation platforms do this well), create a shared pipeline or conversion path where you can pin down the activity of visitors from an inquiry through to a conversion, and repeat this standardized process for each entry and conversion point online. Many companies even provide custom paths from their social media profiles and shared links.

How to Track Leads from Marketing To Sales

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