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Google Webmasters Tools

Many people know of Google Search Console for site submissions and verifying robots files, sitemaps and indexing. Not enough people utilize the search statistics to get a clear strategy for their site content, though.

Navigate to Statistics > Top Search Queries and you’ll find a fantastic data grid:

Top Search Queries - Google Search Console

On the left side of the grid are the Top Search Queries for your blog. This is a listing of the top keywords or phrases along with the location of your post or page in the result.

On the right side of the grid are the actual terms that were clicked-through on along with their click-through rate (CTR). This is outstanding information!

Some Tips:

  • Are these the keywords that you wish your company, site or blog to be show up for? If not, you may want to rethink your content and begin targeting it much tighter.
  • If you’re placed well on specific keywords but your click-through stats aren’t very good, you need to work on your Post Titles and post excerpts and meta descriptions). This means you don’t have compelling titles and content – people are seeing your link but not clicking through on it.

Ranking well in a search result is not the end of your job. Ensuring that your content is written well enough that people click through on it is even more important!

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    Would have liked you to have gone in to more detail as how to use that info. GW’s help isn’t all that helpful.

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