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How to Use Your Zoom H6 as the Audio Interface to a Mevo

Sometimes the lack of documentation on websites is really frustrating and requires a ton of trial and error before you get something working correctly. One of my clients is the largest data center in the midwest and they lead the country in certifications. While we push content occasionally, I want to expand their capabilities so they can provide more value to prospects and customers through other mediums.

Live-streaming some explanations on new regulations, interviewing some industry professionals, or just providing some compliance or security advice from time to time could be quite valuable. So, I helped them to build out a studio for recording podcasts, recording videos, and live-streaming.

They have a huge boardroom where I sectioned off a region and secured it with audio curtains to cut down on the echoing. I decided to go with a semi-portable setup of a Mevo live-streaming camera, a Zoom H6 recorder, and wireless Shure lavalier microphones. This means that I could set up in countless areas to record – from the board table to the sitting area and everything in between.

Of course, once I got all of the equipment in is when I ran into issues. The Zoom H6 and Shure system works flawlessly, but I had a heck of a time trying to figure out how to use the Zoom H6 as the audio interface to the Mevo.

Zoom H6 and Mevo Boost

One note on this is that you absolutely want to use the Mevo Boost, which includes the ability to connect via network for streaming, as well as USB for audio, and has both power and an extended battery. I tested the system a dozen different ways… trying to glean some information from Mevo’s limited documentation which shows the Zoom H4n and not the H6… which has substantial differences.

It was actually far less complex than I’d imagined:

  1. Connect the Zoom H6 to the Mevo Boost via USB. Note: This will NOT power the Zoom H6 (Boo!) so you have to utilize batteries.
  2. Turn on the Mevo and then the Zoom H6.
  3. On the Zoom H6, you need to navigate through the menu system and set it as an audio interface for multi-track recording for PC/Mac using battery power.

Here are the screens in order (don’t pay attention to the highlighted menu item, I pulled these shots from the Zoom H6 manual).

Use Your Zoom H6 as an Audio Interface

Zoom H6 Audio Interface

Select Multi Track so that you can use all of your microphone inputs

Zoom H6 Multi Track Audio Interface

IMPORTANT: Select PC/Mac using battery power

Zoom H6 PC/Mac Using Battery Power - Audio Interface

Mevo USB Input

Now you’ll be able to see USB as an audio input on the Mevo! Just tap to connect and you’ll be ready to go.

mevo usb audio

Side note, the documentation for the Zoom H4n states that the audio output should be 44kHz instead of 48kHz. On the Zoom H6, I wasn’t able to modify the frequency of the output when it was used as a USB audio interface. If you know how, let me know! It sounded great at 48kHz so I’m not sure that it’s necessary.

Disclosure: I used my Amazon affiliate codes in this post.

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