Modifying Post Slugs in WordPress for SEO

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At times when you do keyword research when blogging for search engine optimization, you may find that a high number of searchers mis-spell or concatenate words. An example might be USS Forrestal versus USS Forestal.

Showing up in search results for mis-spelled words is a tactic that works quite well… but you may not want to blatantly mis-spell a word in your post title or in your content. Invariably, someone will point the mistake out to you!

Rather than looking embarrassed, take advantage of other places in your content to purposely mis-spell the word:

  • Your Post Slug (video below)
  • Within title tags in anchor tags (links).
  • Within title or description tags in images.

Here’s a short video on how to modify your post slug in WordPress. DON’T do this after publishing a blog post, though! While you’re writing your blog post, you can update your post slug quite easily: