How Your B2B Marketing Success Depends on the Entire Organization

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What’s the Recipe for B2B Digital Marketing Success?

The 2015 What Works Where report makes sense of today’s multichannel digital landscape. Working in partnership with The Marketing Society and Circle Research, Omobono surveyed 331 senior executives, in the USA and UK, across Marketing, Sales, Customer Service, HR and Internal Communications to better understand their objectives, budgets, activities and strategies/challenges.

Here are the ingredients that Onobono provides for that success:

  • Building brand preference is now everyone’s responsibility.
  • All departments are using established digital channels.
  • Marketing is leading the way on newer channels like social, video, and blogs (but unsure of the effectiveness).
  • A formal digital strategy has a big impact.
  • An integrated approach is enabled by having a central lead, everyone understanding the importance, organizational support, willingness to co-operate and aligning objectives and priorities.

The conclusion of the report may be a bit controversial… putting marketing in charge of the entire B2B Digital Strategy. Personally, I think it might be a bit overzealous. Marketers tend to be incredible at developing the vision, but it truly requires sales and service to drive home an comprehensive execution of that strategy.

Some companies are coordinating through a central Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) to have central accountability to both retention, acquisition and increasing overall value of the customer relationship. I think I’d push that strategy before throwing it all on marketing.

B2B Digital Marketing Success

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