What Marketers Need to Know About HTML5


HTML5 holds a lot of promise for making content available on any web-enabled device… if folks would update their browsers to the latest versions. The question is whether or not it’s time for your organization to begin redeveloping your sites in HTML5 and how long it will take to recoup the investment to do so. Uberflip has put together some relevant stats on HMTL5 to assist marketers in making that decision.

Key takeaways:

  • HTML5 gives marketers the ability to deliver content on multiple platforms (desktop, tablet, smartphone) at a much lower cost.
  • As a browser-based technology, HTML5 web apps can be built once and run on almost any device; almost 70% of browsers support this programing language.
  • HTML5 apps offer almost the same degree of interactivity and app-like behaviors as native apps
  • HTML5 is being used by almost 50% of developers, and is projected to grow to 80% within the next 3 years


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