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HubSpot has introduced Social Inbox, a new application that integrates social media monitoring and publishing with HubSpot’s contact database, enabling marketers to create segmented views of the social activity of their leads, customers, and biggest evangelists. The new integration reduces the noise associated with social media listening, alerts companies to key individuals in need of responses, and provides context for social media interactions, replacing loud and interruptive tactics with marketing people love.

Key benefits of the new application include:

  • Integration with HubSpot's Contacts Database: HubSpot will automatically match a prospect, lead, or customer’s Twitter account based on email and pull up a full record of each of their interactions with your company to date, so you can personalize your responses with additional details and context. Social Inbox will also flag any tweet from someone with the same name as a contact from your database, so you can continue to build out contact profiles.
  • Segment Monitoring and Alerts: A long-standing challenge for marketers is the sheer volume of data they have to sift through on a daily basis. Social Inbox enables companies to quickly and easily elevate social media shares of key populations, to readily identify the lifecycle stage of a given individual within the Social Inbox tool, and to set up alerts based on your brand’s core priorities, from category and competitive monitoring to tracking key purchase indicators.
  • Efficiency and Effectiveness Beyond Marketing: The structure and usability of Social Inbox makes it easy and seamless for sales and services managers to leverage the application’s feature set as well. Specifically, mobile app notifications allow sales managers to receive push notifications based on mentions of their specific leads. The integration of Social Inbox with HubSpot’s email tool also allows services employees to respond directly to customer inquiries on Twitter with a personalized email.
  • Actionable Analytics: Marketers still struggle with quantifying the return on social media investments, but HubSpot’s Social Inbox allows marketers to see how many visits, leads, and customers were generated by each social media channel. In addition, users can see not just the total number of clicks or interactions with an individual share, but also the names of each contact that expressed an interest in that tweet.

Social Inbox makes social media a team sport. Support teams can follow up on service requests with an email; marketers can change the call to action on each page a prospect or lead visits based on where he or she is in their customer life cycle; and sales teams can place social media leads into an appropriate lead nurturing campaign. In addition to being more personal, Social Inbox provides a comprehensive suite of tools with benefits that extend well beyond marketing to include sales and services.

To promote the launch, Hubspot has shared this infographic on social media marketing.

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