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Rolling out or orchestrating a marketing campaign involves content management and collaboration bottlenecks. I bet you are fed up with making endless changes to VPN or firewall configuration to facilitate increased collaboration! Chances are that you are using either an obsolete intranet or SharePoint. Switching over to the seamless experience that the cloud based Huddle workspace provides would actually make collaboration and content management a pleasurable experience rather than the tedious and nerve wrecking affair that it is now.

Used the right way, Huddle has the potential to replace email as the de facto file sharing and collaboration medium. It provides flexible options to create, store and share documents, allows whiteboards or discussions, facilitates working with others on the same document while keeping track of versions or changes and managing the workflow, and much more. It incorporates almost all project management tools, while integrating phone and video conferencing, and mobile apps.

Huddle also offers Huddle Sync, to help you to manage your enterprise files intelligently, not just sync them. Powered by patent-pending predictive technology, it automatically selects the files that will be of most interest to you.

Registration is fast and easy, with the enterprise obtaining a unique Huddle URL and login page in a few minutes. The user then restricts access to either the entire custom domain or to individual workspaces, based on a range of IP addresses or by exercising the granular permissions options.

All these options come integrated with a high level of security, featuring 256-bit SSL, industry standard encryption, SAS70 type II audit and more. The full visibility over the content, powerful search options, the ability to access documents across multiple devices ranging from desktops to Android smart phones and from Blackberries to Ipads, combined with the intelligent sync feature that automatically syncs documents across devices, ensures a high level of control.

The promoters of Huddle recognize that one size does not fit all, and offer multiple options. The price depends on individual preferences, with the standard option costing just 10 per cent of SharePoint’s total cost of ownership. Go to for a free trial or to buy straightaway.

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