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Human Cost of Data Analysis

No doubt that data analysis has an incredible return on investment… but without the necessary tools, things get expensive quickly. We’ve been doing keyword and competitive analysis for one of our clients for over 3 weeks now – combining a ton of data, over 100,000 keywords, and prioritizing it manually. That’s expensive and we’re constantly searching for the next BI tool to help us minimize the time and costs of that reporting.

From the infographic:

Intuition and vision are fine, but businesses that make strategic decisions with data understand their market better and experience faster growth. Business intelligence (BI) data can help guide marketing efforts, innovations, and product focus, and the right numbers already exist at many action points throughout an organization. But collecting and reporting this data manually can be an expensive process. In order to shed some light on this problem, we’ve taken a look at just how much manual reporting can cost the average business.

Column Five Media developed this infographic for Domo utilizing their analysis and data from Domo is a new business intelligence tool (sign up on their site to get in on the launch).

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