I broke WordPress 2.1

Okay, everyone quit snickering…. I know this is the default theme. Rather than try to ‘fix’ my old theme and all of the custom code that I had put in there, I decided to scrap it altogether. So just put up with me for a while as I build my first theme for WordPress. I’m going to keep this ugly theme to motivate myself to get the theme done and out there quicker. I started on it last night!


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    Good luck. Everything went well for me, but I was waiting for the crash. I’m always suspicious something is going to go horribly wrong when I update WordPress, but so far it never has.

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    Good luck Doug. I’ve been putting off upgrading to WordPress 2.1 because I’m worried about suffering the same fate.

    I’ve done quite a few WordPress themes in the past, so feel free to give me a shout if you need any help with it.

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    Hi Doug,

    I think your “default” theme looks great! It doesn’t look as bad as you imagine. And I think you’ve just proven that even the “default” theme can look good with just some tweaking.

    But, having a customized theme create an identity – that’s what blogging is about and we all need to have an unique looking blog that we can really show off to the world!

    I look forward to seeing your new theme.

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    Wow – awesome support. Thanks everyone! I do actually like the simplicity of this theme. I’m going to see if I can incorporate some of the simplicity into my theme – my last one was a wee bit busy!

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    I fully understand. I my new site I was ready to go until I broke my theme as well. A little tinkering made things worse. I had to rebuild it. All while my previous – non blogging – site was down. Basically, I was almost a month without a website. And I’m a web business developer.

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